Below is the list of some charities and organisations providing various support to all Bexley residents regardless of their faith, age, gender and sexual orientation.

Healthwatch Bexley

Healthwatch Bexley is an independent champion for people who use health and social care services. They are here to make sure that those running services, put people at the heart of care.

Their  sole purpose is to understand the needs, experiences and concerns of people who use health and social care services and to speak out on their behalf.

They focus on ensuring that people’s worries and concerns about current services are addressed.

They work to get services right for the future.

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Here you can  find information about health and social care services available locally.

Volunteer Police Cadets

If you thinking about giving your children a little bit more structure on a daily basis then consider The Volunteer Police Cadets (VPC). VPC started in London in 1988. Now there’s a VPC unit in every borough and it’s a central component of the Met’s youth outreach.

It is open to boys and girls of all faith groups and races between the ages of 10 and 21 years, and everyone is very welcome. Metropolitan-Police-logo

Core principles

The success of the VPC is based on research identifying what’s effective in working with young people from a wide range of backgrounds, including those at risk of offending. This research suggests the following four principles, which are central to how the VPC works:

  • Developing ‘social citizens’ using the latest ideas in pro-social modelling
  • Creating a warm, supportive and enthusiastic youth community with a welcoming approach
  • Providing effective peer, leader and role model guidance using proven techniques
  • Inspiring community involvement using restorative problem solving approaches.

VPC coordinators:
PC Lillian Brader

Meeting Details:
Thursday 19:00 – 21:30hrs

For further details contact the VPC coordinator

Correspondence Address:
Bexleyheath Police Station
2 Arnsberg Way

To find out more visit:

Active Horizons

Active Horizons is small charity dedicated to transforming lives of young people across the society. ‘Youth-led’ is our key approach in the way work, we ensure that young people take lead in decision making and development of all project activities.

The community organising training for young people aged 13-18years. This is a great programto develop your leadership as well as entrepreneurial skills to be able to effect change in your community.

This is a highly interactive program, with the first workshop kicking off on 18 December 2019 at 4-6pm.

To register email- or visit:

St Giles Trust

ST GILES is a charity using expertise and real-life past experiences to empower people who are not getting the help they need.

People held back by poverty, exploited, abused, dealing with addiction or mental health problems, caught up in crime or a combination of these issues and others.

We show people there is a way to build a better future – for themselves and those they care about -and help them create this through support, advice and training.

Genesis Impact

Genesis Impact is a charity founded on family values and believes that children are the centre of the community.

For the past 20 years, we have shaped communities within the boroughs of Greenwich and Bexley working with the council, social services, OFSTED, the Greenwich Play Association, 13 churches, 10 charities, and 11 schools to produce lasting change for the next generation.

Our Practical Parenting Programme strengthens existing groups by developing new family support initiatives. Our Sparklers project, Targeted Intervention Programme and Youth Leadership

Training has engaged children and youth from primary school right through to Post 16 and beyond.

In believing that the community is ours we advocate the values of responsibility, education, and change.

Our goal is to strengthen communities and ensure that every child can reach their full potential.

We achieve this by adopting a holistic approach to intervention, and by building on pre-existing foundations.

We believe that we all play a role in building our children’s tomorrow today.


We are working for the day when African girls and women will live in dignity, are healthy, have choices and enjoy equal rights free from fear of violence.

We are the African women-led organisation working to end violence against women and girls. From female genital mutilation and child marriage to domestic and sexual violence, we tackle abuse and discrimination – enabling African women and girls to have the dignity, health and equality they deserve.

World of Hope

Our vision is to provide those in need with opportunity, dignity, and hope so they can possess the tools for change in themselves, their family, and their community. WHI supports all people regardless of ethnicity, gender, race, or religion.

WHI uses market-based and community-driven enterprise solutions to empower, protect, and build resiliency through innovative, environmentally conscious, and transformative projects. We deliver our programming through strategic local and global partnerships to create a maximal, sustainable impact.

The Nous Organisation

Experienced Mental Health Advocate with a demonstrated history of working at grassroots level in the Black Asian and Ethnic Minority communities.

Skilled in Nonprofit Organizations, Event Planning, Coaching, Strategic Planning, and Public Speaking.

A Mental Health First Aid Instructor Approved to deliver Mental Health First Aid training to organisations and communities. An astute professional with a Master of Laws – LLM focused in Law from Liverpool John Moores University.


We’re Solace. For more than 40 years we’ve supported women and children in London to build safe and strong lives. Futures free from male abuse and violence.

We know that women across London are experiencing domestic and sexual violence right now. Whatever form violence comes in, from rape and trafficking to relationships based on psychological or financial control, we work to end it. But we know escaping violence can be the hardest thing to ever do. That’s why it’s so important we’re here.

We find creative and innovative ways to support thousands of women and children each year. Stand with us to end violence and abuse now.

A Personal Journey by Toni Creed…

After 69 years in one Christian Faith, my mentor, a Franciscan Friar from
New Mexico, suggested to me that I become a traveller, visiting a different
faith group each week. I have done that, and been very happy doing so,
visiting Sikhs, Hindus, Muslims, Pentecostals, Baptists, C of E and
Catholics. All have made me very welcome. Thus membership of BIF sits very
well with my journey.

God, in Genesis, and in person, has made very clear to me, that he made me
“in his own image and likeness. Therefore, by definition he must love me
and he does. All religions emphasise God’s clear message that the main
commandment is to love God, and in gratitude for his love, to love all of
humanity for his sake. So I do so. As I visit each faith centre, I am
standing in solidarity with them and our shared God. I acknowledge the fact
that God resides within us all by the greeting “Namaste”, “The Divine within
me, salutes the Divine within you”. So I try to love the other nine and a
half billion people that I share this world with. Sometimes I find the odd
one that it is difficult to love!! I am after all human!

When I pray, I shut all things from my mind and ask God to enter and guide
me in my life. I never ask him for anything, for he knows what I want and
need. If it is good for me, he will give it to me, for he loves me.
Hopefully he is telling me I am on the right path. I am generally happy.
Again I am human and have my share of disappointments with this life.

I want to thank Trevor and his Team at BIF, they are doing a great job.

By Tony Creed

25th June 2018

For more information on the Forum please email or call Rev Trevor Wyatt at 07860306746

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